Once upon a time in Essaouira, nestled among the argan trees there was…


Here on the Farm of Lalla Abouch we process the Argan tree fruit and manually extract its precious oil in limited quantities, during all the year. Also, we grow a variety of herbs, vegetables and grains including barley and wheat for our breads and cous cous.
We raise poultry and ducks.  And we produce our own organic olive oil - all organic.

From neighbours and small local cooperatives we buy goat’s cheese and honey. Since one year we installed our bee hives.

Guests are welcome to share in any moment of the farmer's life, from argan picking in summer and olive oil extraction at the old mill in November, to caring for the animals and cultivating the orchards and gardens all year round.

If you prefer, you can rest in the garden, have a dip in the pool, or go for a walk with our dogs, or donkeys!

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